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M-Trends 2024 Special Report

Attackers are increasingly focusing on evasion, avoiding detection technologies and maintaining network persistence.

  • The global median dwell time, the number of days an attacker is on a system from compromise to detection, has decreased from 16 days in 2023 to 10 days
  • Ransomware is a key factor in driving down dwell time as it tends to be detected more quickly.
  • Attacker operations involve zero-day vulnerabilities and evasion tactics.
  • The report highlights zero-day use by espionage and financially-motivated attackers, and evasive actions conducted by Chinese espionage groups.
  • Evolving phishing trends include attacker use of social media, SMS, and other communications technologies.
  • Tactics to bypass multi-factor authentication include adversary-in-the-middle and other techniques.
  • Cloud intrusion trends include targeting of cloud infrastructure and attacker use of cloud resources.
  • Use of AI in red and purple team engagements focuses on how new technologies can produce better outcomes for organizations.

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