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How to Jumpstart AI-Driven Growth in Commerce

Customer expectations for convenience, personalization, and service are changing all around us. Today, a whopping expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations

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  • Customers are increasingly prioritizing digital channels to purchase goods and services. In fact, regularly buy direct from a brand. If your business does not already have an ecommerce site, take these steps to go direct-to consumer (D2C)
  • A great customer experience is more than a smooth purchase. Customers also engage with companies on site to find deeper product information or specs, get validation about a product from a community of die-hard fans, or sign up for rewards or loyalty points. Each of these touchpoints keeps customers engaged and drives additional sales.
  • Customers use an average of to engage with brands, and conversational commerce lets them communicate where and how they prefer. You can meet customers on their terms by implementing this across channels through messaging apps (like Facebook Messenger) for immediate, always-on support
  • Customers want to stay in the driver’s seat even after they hit the buy button. Ensure the post-purchase process is seamless and keeps customers informed every step of the way.
  • Now that you’ve seen all of the ways you can achieve transformational growth, prioritize where your commerce team can start. Find out more about the technology that powers these seamless, personalized experiences that drive growth.

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