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Concuring hightened risk exposure in financial services

The shift to agile auditing is one of the most exciting enhancements to the internal audit profession in recent years. By embracing the agile mentality, internal auditors in financial services are more aligned to key business risks and able to pivot in reaction to emerging risk trends and new regulations.

In this white paper, you’ll discover a new Key Advantages of Agile Auditing:

  • Less time is spent planning the audit. Instead of spending weeks planning an audit, the planning phase is often reduced to a few days.
  • Abbreviating the audit plan. Auditors plan for a quarter instead of a year and hone in on the critical areas that matter right now.
  • Changing audit focus and updating scope. Agile allows internal audit an opportunity to update the audit scope or modify the audit’s focus completely based on newly available information — with appropriate levels of approval, of course .
  • Combining all planning, fieldwork, and reporting elements. Agile’s short, time-boxed iterations of work enable audit teams to incorporate these project phases together, eliminating disparity from one phase to the next.

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