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Empowering excellence without compromising on affordability

Software for the Indiko Plus analyzer is logical and easy to understand and use. “It is fast to work with. We can load the calibrators, controls, and patient samples quickly and start the analysis straight away. Due to the bidirectional interface, it is easy to connect it to any LIS. The start-up is very quick. Ten minutes is enough to get the instrument up and running for the daily work

Optimized for your lab

  • CE mark demonstrates compliance with EU requirements for IVD products • Complies with requirements for in vitro diagnostic medical devices in many countries
  • Optimized for cost efficiency • Volume-optimized kit sizes help reduce waste • No on-site method adjustment necessary • Multicontrols and multicalibrators available for clinical chemistry and specific proteins
  • Reliable results Dr Șipoș is very happy with the optical system of the Indiko Plus analyzer. “This results in excellent reproducibility. In addition, the instrument uses disposable cuvettes, thus eliminating interference. Our results are truly accurate. We have very good results in the repeatability and reproducibility of the controls. They give us confidence in the patients’ results.”

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