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5 steps to CAS success

The evolution of CAS

If you would like to learn more about to CAS success Then this white-paper is for you:

  • The insights in this book come directly from innovative CAS leaders who have an established track record of success. Each of their firms use BILL solutions, including BILL Accounts Payable and Receivable and BILL Spend & Expense (formerly Divvy) as part of their technology infrastructure.
  • Leaders at established CAS practices often observe that their practices started opportunistically, with little regard for longer-term structure and product pricing considerations. These practices started by responding to immediate client needs, and as they grew and evolved, structure and pricing strategies evolved and were formalized. Today, several key approaches have emerged from these experiences
  • Structure your practice to fit your firm’s strengths and client needs.
  • Update firm metrics to drive long-term success CAS leaders say it’s important to make sure everyone at the firm understands that the success of CAS should not be measured with the same traditional yardsticks – practice leaders have updated their metrics and are championing cultural change to ensure their new approach is successfully adopted. “It’s all about getting out of the realization/hourly rate mentality,” says Clark Shaefer Hackett’s Dave Houston
  • CAS practices succeed by delivering services to clients at scale – and the only way to achieve scale is through standardizing processes and technologies. Standardizing has other benefits, too, as Elinor Litwack of GRF notes

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