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Application Delivery Infrastructure: Meeting Multicloud Needs and Cloud Operating Model Demands

The need for modern application delivery infrastructure is driven by the ongoing evolution in application development architectures.

Deployment of modern application delivery infrastructure, capable of addressing all the challenges cited previously, delivers the following benefits:

  • Agility with control and without compromise (Nearly all organizationswant to be more agile and faster, but they want to achieve those ends with control and discipline. In other words, they want to move faster, and in a more cloudlikemanner, in a way thatis adapted to their own preferences and resources.)
  • Better support for business objectives and outcomes, which derivesfrom having a platform that can support workload heterogeneity and hybrid cloud

Considering A10 for Modern Application Delivery Infrastructure

  • The ADC application delivery portfolio includes flexible, scalable ADCs available in all form factors: software, virtual edition, bare metal, public cloud, hardware appliance, and containers and Kubernetes (cloud native)
  • The Harmony Controller is available as a centralized cloud service, in a software-as-a-service (SaaS)subscription model, or assoftware that can be deployed on premises

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