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Legal Agility

Legal Agility Drive Change in Legal Departments

Understanding Change in Legal Departments

  • Change is a constant in life, especially in legal departments.
  • The complexities of legal departments and external factors like market changes and technological advancements necessitate a proactive approach to change
  • Change management in legal services is a systematic and strategic process of planning, implementing, and overseeing changes in policies, procedures, technologies, and organizational culture.
  • Legal departments face unique challenges when introducing change, such as resistance from team members and the risk-averse nature of legal work.
  • Four aspects linked to the nature of the legal profession may explain the need of Change management in legal departments: - Adherence to precedent: Legal professionals are trained to respect and uphold legal precedent. - Attention to detail: Changes introduced must be meticulously implemented to ensure the accuracy and reliability of legal processes

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