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2023 Global Trends in AI Report

The 2023 Global Trends in AI Report highlights the rapid maturation of AI at enterprise scale, impacting business outcomes. 69% of surveyed organizations report having at least one AI project in production, and 28% have reached enterprise scale.

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  • The increasingly large datasets required to train AI models are composed of diverse data types and have complex computation requirements, pushing the limits of traditional IT and data architectures.
  • The rapid propulsion of generative AI, which has defined much of the AI market's evolution in 2023, has exacerbated these infrastructure and data challenges. However, the relationship between AI and IT infrastructure is not purely adverse, as organizations see machine learning as critical in driving efficiency improvements.
  • A similar pattern emerges with sustainability, with AI both a challenge to and a critical enabler of performance against corporate sustainability goals.
  • These "AI pioneers" are integrating AI into their workflows and value propositions. However, with maturity and scale come challenges, such as the strain AI models place on their data infrastructure.

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