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Data Center & Infrastructure Report

The primary objective of these reports is to provide context and insights into data center and infrastructure management with feedback from various IT roles.

  • Despite ongoing budgetary constraints, IT leaders are expected to deliver more services every year. This expectation poses major challenges as complexity increases for staffing demands, infrastructure investments and cloud costs.
  • Find the right balance in your hybrid deployment strategy.
  • Nearly half of respondents forecasted IT budget increases in 2024. Rising labor and software contract costs will drive up spending as suppliers look to maintain margins in an inflationary world. IT management must scrutinize expenses and look for alternative ways to optimize budgets to maintain and grow the bottom line.
  • IT teams are also consolidating workloads and exploring hybrid, public and private cloud solutions to reduce spending in 2024. Companies should approach this evaluation from a capital budget, operating expense, IT skills and resource perspective
  • On-premises data centers are still the predominant hosting option at 47%. Companies are taking a methodical approach to their hosting strategies that includes evaluating capital and operating budgets and finding a hybrid solution for their IT resources.

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