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HCLTech Advantage SPADE

HCLTech Advantage Simplified Platform for Application and Digital Enterprise Transformation (SPADE) is a 'low touch' solution to supercharge your migration to a newer version of the Blue Yonder WMS

  • It automates and simplifies the migration of the configuration, and master data from various older versions of the Blue Yonder WMS to a newer version. HCLTech Advantage SPADE can be deployed as public cloud/private cloud or on-premises solution.
  • HCLTech Advantage SPADE is a unified platform to discover, prepare, accelerate, adopt and extend your migration journey with built-in flexibility, extreme automation, transparency to give you a head-start on your digital journey-faster, better, with lower TCO and mitigated risk.
  • HCLTech Advantage SPADE is adaptable in terms of a migrating data from any older version of Blue Yonder WMS to any newer version, whether your instance is on-premises, in the cloud or part of the Blue Yonder SaaS solution.
  • . It assures zero disruption transformation and can be executed independently, so that the source and target systems are unaffected.
  • For companies looking to migrate to a newer version of Blue Yonder WMS, the biggest challenge lies in data migration due to volume, complexity, validation and reconciliation

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