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Insight-Driven Marketing, Your New Strategic Advantage

The Critical Role of AI in Insight-Driven Marketing

  • Not so long ago it seemed like data was the answer to all our problems. As marketing adapted to the digital world, we were dazzled by all of the different data points we could collect about the customer journey, and surely this data could help us understand how to do everything better.
  • But before long, there was simply too much of it, and it became increasingly difficult to figure out what the data was telling us.
  • We know there‚Äôs useful information hidden away inside all of those gigabytes, but it can feel impossible to extract those nuggets of gold from under a mountain of irrelevance and distractions.
  • This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes into the picture as the critical enabling technology of insight-driven marketing. AI has given us a clear path from data noise to actionable insights

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