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Power up to the future of battery manufacturing

High demand for lithium-ion batteries. High demand for digital infrastructure software. European bans on combustion engine cars. High cost of batteries. Quality issues affecting reputation and finance. The battery industry needs to prioritize decarbonization to maintain credibility.

Challenges and Future of Battery Manufacturing

  • Meeting sustainability goals. Minimizing energy consumption. Controlling carbon footprint. Optimizing engineering and production labor costs. Maximizing yield and Throughput. Monitoring operational data. Predicting problems before they occur. Increasing efficiency and reducing time for engineering changes. Enabling a resilient supply chain.
  • Companies need to deal with increased complexity and reduce launch timeline. Governments demand compliance with stricter regulatory and sustainability requirements. Companies must adopt intelligent factory capabilities to meet current needs and address future challenges.
  • Companies must maintain high-quality and continuity, minimize environmental impact, increase energy efficiency, excel in cost management, embrace technology innovation and flexibility, scale up to gigafactory level, manage scrap rate, execute large-scale industrialization efficiently, commit to extensive decarbonization and true sustainability, and establish full supply-chain transparency and compliance.
  • End-to-end integration of production and virtual development of manufacturing can improve primary manufacturing processes. Smart battery pack production can enable predictive maintenance and electronic work instructions.
  • Sustainability & compliance can be ensured through early assessments of CO2 consumption, energy monitoring during operations, and end-to-birth carbon emission data.

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