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Know First and Act Faster for Municipality-Wide Preparedness

Whether it’s the largest city or the smallest town in the country, municipal government agencies rely on First Alert to ensure they have the appropriate context when responding to public safety events. First Alert works cohesively across agencies to deliver real-time breaking news alerts so they can make actionable decision within the areas of responsibility while streamlining communication between different departments to ensure the protection of their community and infrastructure. Discover each use case of how First Alert assists different departments in various levels of safety incidents

Mayor’s Office

  • First Alert delivered a breaking news alert about the Federal Government’s decision to pause the use of a coronavirus vaccine.

Fire Department

  • PA breaking news alert was received by the Fire Department after eyewitness imagery of a building collapse that enabled them to assess the seriousness of the event from the image. This notification allowed them to act faster in sending their press team to the site of the incident for anticipated media inquiries.

Emergency Management

  • As a category 5 hurricane approached, First Alert delivered a breaking news alert to support the agency’s disaster response strategy and create the proper safeguards to evacuate residents in high flood areas.

Cyber Command

  • First Alert delivered a breaking news alert about new ransomware that affects local street security systems. The city’s cyber command was able to install the proper ransomware defense mechanisms to prevent potential disruptions to the city’s transportation network.

Local Transportation Agency

  • First Alert sent a breaking news alert to a city’s transportation agency after a public bus crashed into an apartment building. Eyewitness imagery and testimony from the scene provided a clear picture of the damage and impact of injuries to the riders

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