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To date, incorporating complex geometry and organic shapes have been a painful and challenging ordeal. It has resulted in significant time-wasters such as recreating models, fixing broken geometry, working against out-of-date files, delayed feedback, and many other detriments. The release of 3D Sculptor and 3D Creator is aimed directly at improving four distinct workflows that eliminate these issues

Challenges Faced by Engineers

  • Shorter schedules and budget constraints.
  • Demand for smart, connected products driving software and electronics.
  • Geometry becoming increasingly complex.
  • Demand for aesthetic products leading to more organic shapes.
  • Topology optimization generating non-prismatic geometry.
  • Reverse engineering three-dimensional scans producing unruly forms.

Overcoming Geometry Complexity

  • Remodeling these shapes is time-intensive and undermines productivity.
  • Recreating something that already exists is a non-value-add task in the development process.
  • It works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and all apps on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, allowing changes in xShape to propagate throughout SOLIDWORKS.Any change kicks off the whole cycle again, forcing engineers into a repetitive, difficult remodeling undertaking.

Workflows for Complex Geometry Creation

  • The demand for complex geometry starts early in the design cycle.
  • The goal is to build out and iterate concepts quickly and easily.
  • Parametric modeling is slow due to its incremental and progressive nature.
  • Use of a separate aesthetic surfacing application is difficult due to the difficulty in cleanly moving the model from one tool to another.

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