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Virtual prototyping (VP) is on the rise amid the fourth industrial revolution. Engineers seek methods to increase speed and decrease cost throughout the conceptualization, design, and manufacturing processes. With the urgency for optimization, a single platform to easily organize, analyze, test, enhance, and share product designs has become more enticing for today’s companies.

Key Takeaways and Recommendation

  • Design verification is the low-hanging fruit. Verification and testing is the most common use case for virtual prototyping because it gives engineers the ability to conduct a myriad of tests in a virtual environment without wasting raw materials or time manufacturing physical prototypes. The accuracy and versatility of virtual testing also result in the generation of higher quality products at a faster rate
  • Tap into the Cloud for greater collaboration and control. In addition to reducing costs and maintaining orderliness among countless drawing files, a cloud structure provides a platform for engineers to share and reuse designs, easily. Cloud-based virtual prototyping gives engineers finer control over the entire testing and design process by providing visibility into isolated timesteps and components. Advanced collaboration and control support the creation of more complex products as well as the transfer of simulation knowledge, which can result in the adoption of simulation across disciplines.
  • The Best-in-Class reap time and cost rewards with VP. With approximately 10% margins in metrics related to time-to market and production costs, it is not surprising that Best-in-Class companies are implementing VP at higher rates than All Others. Virtual prototyping is streamlining design processes and revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by ultimately making production faster and lower cost while optimizing product quality instead of sacrificing it.

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