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Ideal Machine Design Solution Regardless of their performance, machine designers indicate numerous business advantages to using an ideal machine design solution (see graph). While products will still get out even without an ideal solution, engineers waste so much time on non-value added work, companies miss out on opportunities that would give them a competitive advantage.

Differences between Linear and Nonlinear Analysis

  • Design reviews are a top way to solicit feedback. They are critical, but also incredibly time-consuming, with much effort going into the preparation. In fact, preparing for design reviews is the most commonly cited activity that takes machine designers away from innovation work, reported by 41%. Machine designers also say preparation consumes 6.6 days.
  • Mechanisms are often a critical part of machine design. There is also much opportunity to automate tedious design tasks. Engineers say they go through 7.4 iterations before they have a working mechanism.
  • Machine designers view many tedious design tasks as bottlenecks (see top graph). Unfortunately, these issues create additional work for engineers that don’t add value and make the job less satisfying.
  • Recreating work or reinventing the wheel is a significant waste of engineering time. Given this, it is not surprising that 30% of machine designers find that recreating work similar to previous designs is one of their biggest bottlenecks.
  • Many activities that take engineers away from innovation work result from the inability to quickly find the data they need. The graph shows the percentage of machine designers who said that the associated task is a top activity that takes significant time away from innovation work (see graph).
  • Superior engineering is the secret weapon to win market share for many industrial equipment manufacturers. Companies that empower their engineers to exceed customer expectations for quality and price, while maintaining lead-time commitments, will find themselves at a competitive advantage.

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