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Are Network Blind Spots Endangering Your Business?

Network blind spots are invisible issues that can lead to serious problems, including outages, performance issues, incomplete and inaccurate documentation, security issues, and a constant cycle of reactive firefighting. Auvik Networks' cloud-based network management software automates and simplifies network management, boosting IT team efficiency and capacity while protecting businesses from network risk. The report identifies six common network blind spots and how Auvik can help avoid them.

Network Visibility Solution with Auvik

  • Auvik is compatible with over 15,000 network device types from over 700 vendors.
  • Its automated discovery and mapping feature allows real-time visibility of every device on a network.
  • Auvik's configuration backups are automated, scanning network devices for changes every 60 minutes.
  • If a device dies or configuration changes are made, Auvik's configuration restore button can instantly restore things.
  • The ease of documentation, troubleshooting, and device management has made network monitoring easier.
  • Relying on the command-line interface (CLI) as the primary data source can lead to a black hole in network information.
  • Without expert scripting skills, it's challenging to make sense of the information flow back to individual devices.

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