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2024 Cloud‑Native Security and Usage Report

oratioOrganizations struggle with the shift-left concept, despite reduced vulnerabilities due to runtime threat prioritization. Excessive permissions for human and machine identities are a risky landscape. Short-lived workloads are not sufficient for the speed of cloud attacks. Few organizations have embraced applying generative AI (GenAI) to security practices.

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  • Unused and unrestricted resources increase the chance of an attack and the likelihood of an attacker’s success. This highlights the significant financial and material impacts threat actors realize when they exploit access control gaps.
  • The dynamic landscape of the cloud poses a challenge for security leaders and practitioners. Every innovation is met with an exploit, and every second counts. Organizations are choosing speed and convenience over security best practices in favor of more rapid development and innovation.
  • Organizations are seeking the most productive and time-efficient ways to minimize vulnerabilities and reduce their attack surface. 88% of Sysdig customers engage with vulnerability data weekly, resulting in successfully reducing vulnerabilities in use at runtime. Shift-left is still a goal, but not yet fully realized. Organizations should be scanning early and often, recognizing failed builds, correcting the code, and then redeploying.
  • Many organizations prioritize the remediation of critical and high vulnerabilities according to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS). In-use vulnerability exposure has been used as a way to prioritize risk. Workloads with in-use packages containing fixable critical or high vulnerabilities have been reduced by nearly half, from 15% to 8.2% over the last year.

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