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The Past, The Present and The Possible: Customer Trends In 2024

Streetbees uses customer voices to provide a bottom-up view of trends. The paper reveals data-backed trends from real customers and their implications for brands. The insights were gathered through a survey conducted with 4.5 million consumers across the US, Germany, Mexico, and India.

Streetbees' 2024 Customer Trends Whitepaper

  • The survey used the new agile insights tool, SBX, which captures both closed-text and open-text responses. SBX optimizes its questions in real time to delve deeper into what the respondent has said.
  • The survey was conducted with 677 people across these markets. The demographics of the respondents were diverse, with 50% female, 50% male, 25% millennials, 25% millennials, 25% millennials, 25% boomers, 25% from Mexico, 25% from India, 25% from the US, and 25% from Germany.
  • Health and Wellness: Majority of consumers prioritized health and wellness (35%). Career development (32%). Financial stability (30%) was the most important focus.
  • Over 1 in 10 consumers would consider changing internet providers for improved reliability (13%) or customer service (12%). Over half of respondents prefer to do business online, with 64% using their provider’s website. Hyperscalers bring a large portion of network demand, but this represents only a fraction of the likely existing demand.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Less frequently mentioned areas were leisure and travel, community service, and sustainability.

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