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A blueprint for structuring your optimal customer data team

There are 5 reasons customer data is now at the core of every business and companies have to figure out how to activate this critical asset right away, if you haven’t already. If you have, there is always room for continued optimization to your data governance and ongoing strategy!

Why Technology Is Not the Only Consideration:

  • Successfully Preparing for Bringing a Customer Data Platform Into Your Organization
  • The Data Center of Excellence (DCoE) is a centralized department that specializes in the strategy, design, staffing, and delivery of a Service(s) that the organization requires at scale. It is run by Customer Data Operations, or CDOPs. This team acts as a utility, offering outputs that are audited, fiscally accountable, and mapped to direct value (revenue, cost avoidance, productivity gains) for every Business Unit/IT Unit that benefits from its establishment. It is agnostic of geographic locations or business units.
  • This team structure is ideal for companies that want wide-scale adoption of customer data and are interested in standardizing best practices, while retaining agility. Keep in mind this is a shared service across multiple departments.
  • Companies may choose to let IT own the CDP because IT is typically responsible for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) efforts. IT also manages the organization’s tech stack and, given the integration requirements and capabilities of the CDP, will have to manage the CDPs alignment with the rest of the architecture. If an organization doesn’t have a defined Data Team, those positions will fall in the IT department, further securing this natural alignment.
  • Organizations that are product led may favor this organizational structure for their CDOPs team. Specifically, if Product drives the business while other teams like Marketing and IT are in support roles, this model could be effective.

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