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A unique PLM Solution to Support the Globalisation of an International Brand

The software was chosen to meet Monin's challenges of globalisation and multiple development processes. It provides a secure and collaborative environment for suppliers to upload information, enhancing supplier collaboration and preventing errors due to excessive data manipulation.

Key Features of PLM Software

  • Monin develops over 150 products for multiple countries requiring labelling in more than 28 languages. Lascom from Aptean's formulation and labeling tools assist in this complex environment.
  • The software automatically calculates nutrition from raw materials and generates labels in all required languages.
  • The information is embedded in the formulation tool to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • The combination of formulation, labelling, and regulatory updates minimizes the risk of error or inaccurate data.
  • Monin needed an interface with their ERP to ensure a seamless flow of information from the design chain to manufacturing.
  • The software allows Monin to define customised product specifications for every customer meeting their business requirements and delivering more value.
  • In 2020, Monin was Lascom from Aptean’s first customer to upgrade to a SaaS offer, Aptean Food and Beverage PLM Lascom Edition, hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • The migration was conducted with a hybrid “Waterfall / Agile” methodology, benefiting from both schools of thought.
  • Centralising data and documents in a unique repository, interfacing the PLM with the ERP, and fostering product compliance were critical requirements for Monin. Aptean PLM Lascom Edition supports Monin’s worldwide growth by providing access to consistent data throughout the entire product life cycle and the organization.

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