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3 Key Ways PLM Software Facilitates Innovation in the Food, Beverage, Cosmetics and Personal Care Industries

Innovation is crucial for consumer goods brands, especially in trend-driven industries. New product development (NPD) and iteration on existing lines are necessary to stay competitive and expand market share. Complex processes require multiple teams, significant resources, and a high return on investment (ROI). Older methods and paper-based systems are considered a liability in today's modern world. Purpose-built technology can help overcome these challenges.

Key Features of PLM Software

  • Recipe and formulation features: Enable designers and developers to dial in product parameters according to exacting standards while referencing all previous versions and test results.
  • Centralising data: Centralizes data and digital records associated with end products and their components via electronic document management (EDM) functionalities.
  • Indexing and searching tools: Makes finding the information you need easier and more convenient.
  • Dedicated product brief adherence functionality: Ensures innovative products deliver on their unique value propositions.
  • Verification process: Automatic, with alerts deployed if deviations are detected.

PLM in Action in the Cosmetics Industry

  • Searching and indexing tools: Allows quick search of component information on a product due to its prior incorporation of another product.
  • Providing tools to master the development process: Helps bring creative ideas to fruition as successful consumer goods.
  • Component management functionalities: Provides team members with all the details on the materials they’re considering for incorporation in a product.
  • Programme management tools: Helps launch a full line of new products by maintaining their consistency while facilitating variations in flavor, shade, package size, or another variable.

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