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How to secure your business with the Content Cloud

Preventing data breaches with Box Shield. Securing collaborative work. Information governance, compliance, and privacy. Infrastructure security and threat management. Certifications and audits.

Challenges in Today's Companies

  • Increased mobility and collaboration pose challenges for IT and C-suite leaders. Data breaches can significantly impact a company's finances and brand reputation. Human error and lack of IT controls increase the risk of data loss. Mobile teams lack security when operating outside of a managed cloud architecture.

Impact of Data Breaches

  • The average global cost per data breach is $3.86 million. The financial risk of a data breach is higher than ever. The damage to brand reputation after a breach is long-lasting and not easily repaired. Fragmented content strategies, shadow IT, and reliance on email can lead to damaging vulnerabilities.

Compliance and Security in IT

  • Global legislation and regulations necessitate active role of IT leaders in managing content and setting security strategies. Compliance management involves tackling complex industry, line-of-business, and geography-specific standards. GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations in countries like Brazil and India are expected to impact data governance and residency requirements. Companies must meet regional data governance and residency requirements to avoid significant penalties.

The Content Cloud and Security

  • Box provides a single secure platform for the entire content lifecycle, from file creation to retention. Security and compliance are integrated into content strategy, preventing vulnerabilities and responding quickly to threats.The Content Cloud provides frictionless security and compliance, reducing risk without impacting productivity or slowing down the business.

The Four Key Tenets of Box Security

  • Zero Trust Infrastructure: Box operates on a zero-trust model, protecting at the granular data level. Zero Tolerance for a Poor User Experience: Box aims to make its product seamless and delightful to use, allowing security to operate in the background where the user doesn't notice it.

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