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Rapid, Automated, At-Line Adenovirus Quantitation

Adenoviruses (AV) are versatile and well-characterized viral vectors used for clinical applications. AV can trigger potent and long-lasting immunity, including humoral and cellular immune responses. Analytical methods for developing and manufacturing adenoviral biopharmaceuticals are challenging and require continuous improvement.

Quantification Assay for Antiviral Virus (AV) Concentration Monitoring

  • The assay is designed to monitor AV concentrations in cell culture supernatant, crude lysate, and purified samples.
  • Octet® ProA Biosensors are loaded with a specific mAb for the respective AV, and excess mAb is washed out.
  • Antibody-coated biosensors are transferred to AV containing samples for quantification.
  • Biosensors can be regenerated and re-equilibrated after analysis.
  • The assay method can be extended to any AV serotype using an appropriate antibody.
  • The process includes upstream (USP) and downstream process (DSP) for the generation of different AV containing samples.

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