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Simplifying Biotherapeutic Manufacturing and Quality Control with Label-Free Biosensor Technology

Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) systems are used in biotherapeutic discovery, development, manufacturing, and quality control workflows to simplify and streamline measurement of process and product attributes.

Octet® Biosensors for Biopharmaceutical Research

  • The Octet ® BLI platform has been used in a wide range of analytical methods to assess binding kinetics, titer, impurities, aggregation, and activity for in-process testing, stability, and lot release applications.
  • Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) based on fiber optic biosensors. Yes/No binding, kinetic and affinity analysis, specific and selective detection of molecules, and relative and absolute quantitation of specific proteins.
  • BLI is an optical technology that measures the changes in interference patterns between light waves.
  • The Octet ® BLI systems enable the user to acquire real-time binding kinetics data, generate up to 96 data curves simultaneously with fully automated assays, and rapidly identify optimal conditions.
  • The systems can generate data from quantitation assays in real time, detect binding of a wide range of analytes, and recover precious or low-availability samples.
  • Proper assay development and experimental design help ensure that analyses performed on the Octet ® system consistently yield accurate, reproducible data and reliable kinetic and affinity constants.

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