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Driving Savings at Your Healthcare Facility with a Flexible On-demand Staffing Solution

Manual recruiting processes can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, affecting patient care.Healthcare facilities are increasingly relying on expensive travel nurse agencies to address staffing shortages. Lack of scheduling flexibility and inefficient recruiting processes contribute to high overtime rates. Excessive overtime and high workloads can result in nurse burnout, impacting patient care and staff morale.

If you're interested in learning about 'Driving Savings at Your Healthcare Facility with a Flexible On-demand Staffing Solution,' this whitepaper is for you:

  • Utilizing extended workforce, such as temporary or contract workers, can reduce overtime costs by filling staffing gaps without hiring full-time staff. This approach provides flexibility to scale up or down staffing levels as needed.
  • Access to a on-demand local and national network of over 300K Nurses and Allied professionals. Mobile app for clinicians and detailed data to help understand labor costs. Centralized time and scheduling. Mobile time time clock with geofencing.
  • Access to professional profiles with credentials, licenses, certifications, skills assessments and experience. Primary source verification. Ongoing monitoring safeguards your organization. Position and facility–specific onboarding. Medely is Joint Commission certified.
  • Internal resource management. Release shifts to the talent marketplace based on availability, increasing retention, and optimizing costs. Connect with suppliers to manage the contingent labor lifecycle from requisitioning to invoicing.
  • Total benefits: $8.8M. Savings due to administrative burden: Reduced recruiting and hiring costs, premium pay to employees, reduced spend on travel nurses and allied professionals on assignment, administrative burden, improved staff retention, and improved patient experience.

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