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2023 State of Cloud Analytics Report: Insights and Recommendations for Decision-Making

Cloud Analytics Drives Profitability and Helps Navigate Economic Uncertainty. The Cloud Enables True Data Democratization. Business and Technological Drivers for Cloud Analytics. Cloud Adoption: Four Steps to Securing Investment.

Cloud Analytics Platforms for Business Decision-Making

  • Business leaders face challenges in managing a challenging economy, geopolitical pressures, social and environmental responsibility, global competition, talent shortages, and more.
  • Leaders are called upon to make confident, data-driven decisions faster.
  • The irony is that businesses are generating more data than ever while still struggling to use it strategically to compete and grow.
  • Cloud analytics is a growing trend driven by big data challenges and digital transformation.
  • IT typically leads cloud analytics strategies, with two-thirds of buying decisions involving the C-Suite or board.
  • The cloud enables true data democratization, enabling collaboration and enabling better decision-making.
  • The most common analytics end users are data scientists, data architects, data engineers, technical or data executives or managers, and line-of-business executives and managers..
  • 91% of respondents agree that analytics solutions should be made available to a broader employee population.

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