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The Cloud Analytics Platform Buyer's Guide

Designed for individuals with different roles and responsibilities in selecting a cloud analytics platform.Focuses on five specific functions within an organization: Needing Insights, Analyzing Data, Perform Advanced Analytics, Owning The Analytics Strategy, and Owning The Analytics Infrastructure. Features each person should consider when comparing and selecting a cloud platform.

Cloud Analytics Platforms for Business Decision-Making

  • Finding answers to these questions is time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  • Scheduling: Platforms should integrate with services for sharing or visualizing information or third parties.
  • AutoML: Automated Machine Learning and AI can help understand relationships and correlations in data.
  • Visualization: Platforms should export data to BI visualization tools or create visualizations.
  • Auditability: Platforms should contain a notetaking feature and provide a clear data lineage for external and third-party reviewers.
  • Collaborating: Platforms should help users import data, assets, workflows, and more for analysis.
  • Importing: Platforms should handle all different data sources your company uses.
  • Centralization: Platforms should provide a searchable asset hub or database.

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