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Creating a Secure Campus Network: 4 Vital Steps to Success

The complexity and dispersion of modern enterprise networks necessitates a strategy that considers future demands. Security and networking function as a unified framework to provide reliable connections.

Step 1: Understand Your Environment

  • Networks should be built according to the physical environment they will run in. Track where users congregate, including common areas like manager’s offices, break rooms, and seating areas. Be aware of the materials in use in the building and furniture. Ensure that additional capacity is needed and there are RF obstructions or other interference sources.

Step 2: Build a Network Plan

  • The network plan should start at the most common access layer (wireless) and move inward from there. Choose the wireless network technology that will work best based on the catalog created that maps users and devices. Consider the cost of newer generation standards and future-proofing with the latest technology. Use site survey data of the current environment or engage in extensive planning for greenfield deployments.

Step 3: Build a Security Plan

  • The network should be designed to support any latency or jitter sensitivities among the application set. Consider what applications and use patterns are likely to be driven by new or in-flight corporate initiatives.

Step 4: Ensure Unified Management

  • The network should be designed to support future initiatives that may impact the network in the future. The network should be designed to allow for redundancy and use technology such as SD-WAN where appropriate. A hybrid mesh firewall is essential for its ability to traverse today’s multi-cloud and hybrid data center environments.

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