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Cost Savings And Business Benefits Enabled By Salesforce For Retail

Salesforce commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impactâ„¢ study on the potential return on investment (ROI) of deploying Salesforce in retail. The study aimed to provide a framework to evaluate the financial impact of Salesforce on organizations.

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  • Increased loyalty and omnichannel profit. - Marketing efficiency savings. - Legacy environment savings. - Seamless customer experience. - Revenue growth. - Unquantified benefits. - Flexibility. - Cost analysis: Salesforce subscription and licensing costs. - Internal implementation and ongoing management labor costs. - Training and change management costs. - Financial summary.
  • Consistent and connected customer service through Salesforce Service Cloud. Service efficiencies worth $10.5 million over three years. Return on investment (ROI) of 257%.
  • Loyalty program members drive $9.5 million in incremental profit. Marketing efficiencies through Salesforce, resulting in over $7.8 million over three years. Decreased legacy tech stack management, worth $3.5 million over three years. Increased omnichannel revenue with commerce and flexible fulfillment options.
  • Better data integrity for customers. Empowered sales teams through Sales Cloud and Mobile App use cases. Data insights fueled improvements to inventory and ordering efficiencies. Digital tools for partners empowered sales teams. Faster time to market for new functionalities. Better customer experiences created by in-store associates.
  • External costs to Salesforce and partners total $6.3 million over three years. Internal implementation and ongoing management costs total $2.3 million over the three-year study period. Training and change management costs total $147,000 over three years.

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