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Why the Document Data Model

The document data model is intuitive, flexible, universal, and powerful. It allows developers to work with data for almost any class of application using a consistent and expressive API. It is more flexible than traditional relational databases, allowing for data modeling in any shape or structure.

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  • Developers face challenges in building applications for the digital economy, including accelerating developer productivity, compressing application release cycles, and storing and querying rapidly changing data.
  • The tabular row-and-column data model used by relational databases bears little resemblance to how data is represented in application code.
  • This difference in data structures, known as "object-relational impedance mismatch," makes it difficult for developers to reason about the underlying data model while writing code.
  • It provides a single place for the database to read and write data for an entity, ensuring the complete document can be returned in a single database operation.

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