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Data Resilience Strategy with MongoDB Atlas

Data is the core currency in the digital economy, yet 43% of companies experiencing major data loss are unable to resume business operations. Data loss incidents can be classified into three categories: catastrophic technical failure, human error, and cyber attacks.

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  • Involves natural disasters or other scenarios that permanently destroy all servers in the production system. Backup strategy is typically implemented for this type of failure.
  • Humans introduce application bugs or accidentally delete data. Bad code releases can corrupt some or all of the production data.
  • Involves a combination of malicious actors and ransomware. Attacks can range from locking systems and holding data for ransom to deliberately hacking into systems to steal data and sell it to third parties.
  • Prevention features include multi-region and multi-cloud clusters, encryption at rest, queryable encryption, cluster termination protection, backup compliance policy, and the ability to test resilience.

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