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Lift and Shift vs. Transformation

Discusses two potential migration approaches: Lift and Shift and Transformation. Lift and Shift: Move existing applications to run in the cloud on the same architecture and technologies used on-premises.

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  • Lift and Shift is often seen as an easier and more predictable path, presenting the least business risk and resistance from inside the organization.
  • Emphasizes the importance of understanding all the right data about your current application estate and planning for the right outcomes. The first step on your cloud journey is to take an inventory of your application portfolio.
  • Business impact: Pressure for change driven by factors like faster cycle times, improved customer reach, geo-resilience, and impending data center retirement.
  • Feasibility: A function of regulatory controls and technical constraints, including interdependencies between different applications, monolithic systems, and the availability of underlying source code.

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