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Insights from more than 7,700 sales professionals on driving productivity in today's economy.

Salesforce Research surveyed over 7,700 sales professionals worldwide to understand how sales organizations are driving productivity in today's economy. The survey aimed to maximize value amid economic headwinds, meet changing buyer expectations more efficiently, and leverage sales operations as a strategic partner in business success.

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  • The report includes data from a double-anonymous survey conducted from August 24, 2022, through September 30, 2022. The survey generated 7,775 responses from a range of sales professionals across North America, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.
  • The report classifies respondents across three tiers of sales organization performance: Underperformers maintained or decreased YoY revenue, Moderate performers somewhat increased YoY revenue, and High performers significantly increased YoY revenue.
  • Companies are focusing on productivity and efficiency to overcome challenges such as inflation, supply chain bottlenecks, regulatory uncertainty, and political disruption.
  • Sales reps are under pressure to meet customer expectations, with 69% of sales professionals stating their job is harder now. Operational efficiency is becoming increasingly important, with sales operations expanding into a strategic role.
  • Top tactics to support these initiatives include improving department alignment, tearing down business-slowing silos, evolving operations, and ensuring company data and tools are up for new challenges.

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