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2023 Executive Summary on Ransomware Trends in Asia Pacific and Japan

85% of organizations experienced at least one cyberattack in the past year, an increase from 76% in the previous year. The survey focuses on the roles of security professionals, CISOs, IT Operations generalists, and backup administrators involved in cyber-preparedness and mitigation

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  • Backup repositories should not be deleted or corrupted. Immutability can be achieved through securing backup credentials, automating cyber detection scans, and verifying restorability. 47% of data is still written to a tape at some point in the data protection strategy.
  • If production servers are compromised, new ones will need to be created. 74% of organizations plan to recover to cloud-hosted infrastructure or DRAaS, and 73% to servers within a datacenter..
  • Recovery to servers within a datacenter could include cold-servers, new servers if supply chains permit, or simply wiping and re-using original servers.
  • Data protection solutions should integrate with detection technologies and provide a staging or'sandbox'. Cyber-victims in the survey had no means of preventing reinfection.
  • Immutable storage within disks, clouds, and air-gapped media ensures survivability. Hybrid IT architectures for recovering to alternative platforms are essential.

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