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Ransomware Recovery Best Practices

Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly frequent and sophisticated, posing a threat to organizations of all sizes and industries. A clear and comprehensive plan for ransomware recovery is crucial to minimize the impact of an attack and restore business operations quickly.

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  • Backups are widely established as an effective defense against ransomware attacks, increasing the possibility of successful recovery while reducing downtime and minimizing the possibility of data loss. Historically, disaster recovery planning was part of an overall infrastructure plan, creating assumptions around the integrity and availability of data during a crisis.
  • With the rise of ransomware, organizations must accept that 100% of their data could be impacted in a single incident. To successfully survive a ransomware attack, multiple best practices need to be implemented.
  • The 3-2-1 Rule, or the "zip code of availability," is a new industry standard for data protection. Veeam Backup & Replication can adhere to this rule by having three copies of data on different media, one offsite, one immutable, and zero errors.
  • Veeam's replication engine can offer finer granularity for achieving lower recovery point objectives (RPOs). Replication jobs can run more frequently, reducing time between recovery points.
  • Veeam's Instant VM Recovery allows for immediate recovery of VMs, physical machines, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Databases, cloud-based workloads, and NAS shares.

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