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Reducing the cost of airfreight with innovative designs

Natilus, a California-based startup, aims to reduce airfreight costs by over 50% through thoughtful design and smarter use of space. The company's goal is to bridge the gap between the cost of airfreight and the commodity pricing of ocean freight.

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  • The team includes passionate engineers who have worked on over 25 aircraft programs in general, commercial, and military aviation.
  • The company has secured initial orders of more than $6 billion and an order book of more than 400 airplanes.
  • Natilus' solution has found traction in the air cargo industry, with a profit margin of up to 33% if cargo airlines replace their fleets with their solutions.
  • The company also addresses the worldwide shortage of well-trained pilots, with remote piloting capabilities enabling a single pilot to command three aircraft at once.
  • The company's solution aims to bridge the gap and capture the timeliness of airfreight, but at a reduction in cost of 50-60%.

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