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Communications Marketers Speak Out

The most effective marketers are business drivers working at the intersection of sales and service to create personalized and differentiated experiences.

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  • Macroeconomic uncertainties, shifts in customer behaviors, and emerging technologies are all rocking the boat for communications marketers and reshaping their focus.
  • New challenges call for innovative solutions, and communications marketers are full steam ahead as they strategize how to do more with less. Businesses have turned to improving their use of tools and technologies and modernizing their tech stack to automate and streamline operations.
  • Consumers want to feel valued throughout the customer lifecycle. While 81% of communications marketers believe the customer experience is a key competitive differentiator, they also recognize that meeting or exceeding customer expectations is more difficult than ever.
  • Despite the challenges of managing an increasing number of data sources, there is a growing emphasis on utilizing first-party data while ensuring compliance with consumer privacy regulations.
  • Marketing Cloud helps activate customer data to deliver personalization at scale and intelligent insights that enable marketing teams to optimize campaigns and maximize budgets

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