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The report provides insights from over 10,000 analytics, IT, and business leaders on data management and decision-making in the age of AI. AI, particularly generative AI, is fundamental to the future of business. Trust in AI is crucial, and it must be instilled in the data that powers it.

Security threats are the top barrier to successful data management, but misalignment between data strategy and business goals complicates efforts. Companies are expected to generate an average of 22% more data over the next 12 months.

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  • To secure and scale data and analytics capabilities, analytics and IT leaders use strategies like reimagining data governance, strengthening internal data culture, and deploying cloud technologies.
  • Simplifying IT management is the biggest driver for moving apps and analytics to the cloud.
  • The need for trusted data is increasing due to calls for real-time personalization and increased business efficiencies.
  • Over a third of analytics and IT leaders classify their data maturity as best-in-class, but only 6% describe their data maturity as below industry standard or nonexistent.
  • Leaders stress the need for improved data trust and utilization, with 94% of business leaders believing they should get even more value from their data.
  • To meet this need, leaders focus on improving data quality, strengthening security, building AI capabilities, improving company-wide data literacy, and modernizing tools and technologies.

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