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AI is transforming the way we do business. The same is true when it comes to how it can better help public sector agencies serve their constituents. While AI adoption in the public sector may be lagging behind the business world, governments worldwide are recognizing the benefits of AI and the importance of catching up with the private sector. And there are success stories. But before agencies can realize the benefits of AI, they need a good data strategy. And that starts with digital transformation.

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  • A stronger Government-to-Business relationship is critical in sustaining Singapore’s competitiveness, which is why the work the team delivered here is so important. Now we're facilitating support to businesses more effectively and efficiently.
  • “We are focused on fostering digital leadership to build an ever-ready organization and cultivate a strong innovative culture to support Singapore's Smart Nation Vision.
  • I look at this as a transformation for the nation. We're all only getting older so it's just as important to the individual as it is to the community that we look after our elderly.
  • Get a trusted platform with solutions designed for government.

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