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Top DDoS Attacks To Prepare For

Burst attacks and persistent denial-of-service (APDoS) campaigns are short, high-volume attacks that disrupt network performance and SLAs. DNS attacks are attractive to attackers due to their low resource requirements and ability to cause severe damage.

  • Dynamic content and CDN-based attacks exploit Content Delivery Networks (CDN) providers, allowing malicious actors to spoof IP addresses and masquerade as legitimate users.
  • IoT botnets can create large-scale DDoS attacks on networks and services. Layer 7 (L7) application attacks target resource exhaustion using HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, FTP, VOIP, and other exploitable protocols.
  • Ransom DDoS attacks are growing annually and take the form of avolumetric DDoS attack. Reflection/amplification attacks exploit a disparity in request and response ratios in certain technical protocols.
  • SSL/TLS and encrypted attacks mask and complicate attack traffic, requiring DDoS mitigation that combines automated detection and mitigation capabilities with comprehensive protection for any infrastructure.

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