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Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) Overview

CWPP is crucial in a cloud defense strategy, preventing runtime threats like ransomware and cryptominers. Behavioral AI detects and responds to these attacks, protecting hybrid cloud infrastructure and ensuring business continuity.

If you would like to learn more about Cloud Detection and Response. Then this white-paper is for you:

  • Enterprise CISOs are invited to use a questionnaire to discuss CWPP's role in their security and cloud architecture teams.
  • The questionnaire covers cloud workloads, cloud infrastructure, security measures, Linux distributions, and attack surface reduction strategies.
  • The questionnaire also asks about the current use of CWPP, understanding of its benefits, continuous runtime visibility, and retention of workload telemetry for investigation and threat hunting.
  • SentinelOne, a pioneer in autonomous cybersecurity, offers a record-breaking ATT&CK evaluation, offering 100% protection, 100% detection, top analytical coverage, and 100% real-time with zero delays.
  • The cloud-native agent supports 13 Linux distributions and is built on eBPF for maximum stability.
  • The Singularity XDR Platform is used for investigation and threat hunting.

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