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Cloud Detection and Response:Market Growth as an Enterprise Requirement

Dynamic cloud environments present security visibility challenges due to lack of access to physical networks, dynamic cloud-native applications, and elastic cloud infrastructure. SOC teams need to address this gap by collecting, processing, monitoring, and acting upon information from various cloud security telemetry sources. Nearly all organizations experienced a cloud security incident in the last year, resulting in application downtime, unauthorized access, data loss, and compliance fines.

If you would like to learn more about Cloud Detection and Response. Then this white-paper is for you:

  • 83% of organizations have shifted applications to the public cloud. Today, 25% of organizations run more than 30% of their production workloads on public cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud detection and response is a shared responsibility that requires continuous training. Security teams will need CDR solutions that support scale and process automation to prepare for this shift.
  • 69% of organizations utilize at least 3 different cloud service providers. More than half (52%) of organizations claim to have a primary CSP, while 48% use multiple CSPs in a meaningful way.
  • Majority of organizations employ a DevOps model extensively (40%) or at least on a limited basis (40%).

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