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Vendor Grading Chart Lead Generation

Traditional progression model for lead generation vendors is outdated and causes confusion. Vendors should deliver leads that match agreed upon intent criteria, contain accurate contact information, and deliver quickly, cost-effectively, and securely.

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  • Intent and predictive analytics have evolved to accelerate lead conversions to MQLs.
  • Understanding when the vendor hands off leads and when the recipient's sales teams take over ensures proper expectations and appropriate assignment of responsibility.
  • Vendors can't control conversion beyond the first stage, so grading based on downline stats is futile.
  • Vendors should be evaluated based on variables they can control.
  • DemandScience, a leading B2B demand generation company, uses innovative technologies to deliver accurate data with relevant intent signals.
  • Vendors' scores include compliance, data accuracy, ICP, customer experience, setup, delivery, and completion speed, MQL conversion, and total score.

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