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TimeXtender Expands Global Reach with PureSyndication

TimeXtender, an automated data management platform, partnered with DemandScience in 2020 to expand its target audience and US market. The partnership aimed to meet TimeXtender's three main challenges: cost of new leads, tracking progress, and expanding into new markets.

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  • DemandScience delivered high-quality leads in the right ideal customer profile (ICP) 100% of the time, enabling TimeXtender to pivot and adjust their content.
  • The partnership resulted in a 4x increase in qualified leads per month to TimeXtender's US partner network compared to internal campaigns.
  • TimeXtender's syndicated content campaign with DemandScience was 45% lower than the average cost per lead from internal social media marketing efforts.
  • DemandScience, a leading B2B demand generation company, uses innovative technologies to deliver accurate data with relevant intent signals, helping organizations accelerate the buyers’ journey from top-of-funnel to conversion.
  • With offices in 7 countries and 800+ employees, DemandScience is ranked #5 on Fortune Magazine’s list of the best workplaces in advertising & marketing.

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