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How Quit Genius Generated $4 Million of Pipeline

Quit Genius is the world's first digital clinic for nicotine, alcohol, and opioid addictions. The company offers personalized, 100% virtual treatment to help employers tackle the high cost of addiction in the workplace.

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  • Chad Egelhoff, Quit Genius's Director of Demand Generation, is responsible for driving pipeline and revenue growth. Chad's mission is to generate leads matching the ideal customer profile of HR professionals.
  • Despite partnering with HR-specific publications, up to 50% of the leads received had no buying power. Chad's team was spending too much time manually processing data.
  • DemandScience was chosen as a lead generation partner to provide higher quality leads and eliminate the need for manual data processing. DemandScience leads were used to feed Quit Genius's ABM campaign, which is now their number one lead source.
  • DemandScience was able to deliver leads matching Quit Genius’s ICP, pivoting quickly to make changes where required. The company also connected accurate and complete lead data straight into Salesforce and HubSpot, allowing for immediate work with no manual data manipulation.

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