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Learn how to use the content you have to get the leads you want.

Content syndication involves strategic republishing of content in multiple locations. In B2B marketing, it involves partnering with other websites, sharing content on social platforms, and promoting content on syndication networks.

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  • Define your audience, create your content, pick your channels, serve your content, and collect leads. Attracting quality leads is a significant challenge for B2B organizations.
  • Expand brand awareness, reach more target audience, generate high-quality leads, expand social media presence, and build organic traffic. Most content syndication vendors work on a cost-per-lead basis, which is the average amount a marketing team spends to acquire a new prospect.
  • Set realistic expectations, generate quality opt-in leads, establish sales follow-up requirements, and nurture leads immediately. Track program performance, create goals specific to your content syndication journey, and consider minimum factors like lead score, engagement behavior, third-party intent, or a combination of all three

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