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Navigating Consent Opted-in Leads vs. Non Opted-in Data

Opted-in leads have explicit permission for their personal information to be used for marketing or communication. Non-opted-in data records lack this explicit consent, leading to price differences. Best practice and compliance with global privacy regulations are to focus on building a list of opted-in leads.

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  • Refers to an individual's personal information collected without explicit consent for marketing or communication. Poses ethical and legal concerns, particularly with privacy regulations like GDPR in the EU or CAN-SPAM Act in the US. Use of non-opted-in data for marketing without consent can lead to legal issues and damage to a company‚Äôs reputation..
  • Both types of data serve different purposes in sales and marketing organizations.
  • Sales teams should use raw data providers for 1:1 outreach, while marketers should use opted-in leads for mass automation and communication.

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