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Live Events Are Back, But Attendance Isn't

Budget constraints have led to a decline in conference attendance, impacting marketing leads generation. DemandScience, a leading B2B demand generation company, is addressing this issue by delivering accurate data and leads to accelerate the buyer's journey.

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  • Conferences traditionally serve as fertile grounds for lead generation, with face-to-face interactions, product demos, and at-will engagements. With fewer attendees, companies are facing a reduction in potential leads they can engage with.
  • The heart of any conference success lies in its attendance, providing ample opportunities to network, connect with potential customers, and generate leads. Budget constraints have led to reduced promotional efforts and attendees' inability to travel, affecting conference traffic.
  • Companies are pivoting their marketing strategies, investing in digital marketing and performance marketing strategies such as content syndication.
  • Companies are now focusing on the quality of the leads they acquire, identifying prospects who align closely with their products or services, resulting in higher conversion rates and more meaningful business relationships.

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