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Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Marketing

Sales departments often perceive marketers as disconnected from market trends, while marketing people view the sales force as overly focused on individual customer experiences. This misalignment leads to undervaluing each other's contributions, causing organizational performance to suffer.

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  • The report explores the challenges affecting B2B sales and marketing teams and highlights actionable opportunities for both groups to alleviate misalignment. Survey respondents reported that 43% of companies have aligned their sales and marketing teams, with only 35% finding it very effective.
  • Despite studies showing aligned organizations experience a 36% increase in customer retention, a 67% increase in customer conversions, and a 20% boost in annual growth, only 8% of companies have been able to align their sales and marketing teams.
  • The report also highlights the importance of aligning on messaging, GTM strategies, sales decks, CRM and lead flow processes, new product launches, and aligning training.
  • Poorly aligned sales and marketing teams can cost B2B organizations over 10% of their annual revenue.
  • Ineffective team alignment can negatively impact each subsequent sales process.

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